Logging the outside temperature

I have logging my outside temperature since 2007 and reporting it to the swedish temperature page www.temperature.nu with a uptime of 98%. It’s pretty good I must say.
I’m used 1-wire to do this but today I have shifted to wireless insteed. Why is becuse that my 1-wire have been so long in meters and act like a antenna when we have thunder, so the result is that almost all my
component have fried.

So today after some programming, I now done with this installation of two wireless THGN132N sensors placed one at north and one at southeast.
As a receiver I’m using a raspberryPi with domoticz and a RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz Transceiver connected.

And this script take the lowest temperature and the temperatur.nu collect it from it’s textfile.


$north = exec(“wget -O – -q”);
$east = exec(“wget -O – -q”);

if ($north < $east){
$lowest = “North”;
$temp = $north;
$lowest = “East”;
$temp = $east;

echo “$lowest har lgst temp: $temp grader”;

exec(“echo ” . $temp . ” > /home/essunga/public_html/wwwroot/temperature_lowest.txt”);




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